Improving Care

HealthVUE brings care into the homes of young and old across the country, we believe we can change behaviors. By putting relationships at the center of our model, the quality of care improves for each stakeholder.
Each participant will develop and maintain a relationship with:

Nurse Coaches

Our participant-to-nurse ratio is industry leading, at 200:1, vs. industry standard 2500:1. Each participant is paired with a specific nurse as a point of contact for the duration of the program. This relationship is at the core of our RPM solution, and creates the continuous improvement and feedback loop for the participant.

Clinicians and Providers

Clinicians and providers are welcomed to be involved in our RPM solution. Some clients use providers as the main source of referral. Other clients request optional provider engagement. Regardless, with RPM, participants now have more data to share and review with their providers during and after the program.

200:1 – participant to nurse ratio at HealthVUE
2500:1 – participant to nurse ratio industry average
55% enrollment rate at HealthVUE
5% enrollment rate industry average
94% participant compliance at HealthVUE


  • Reducing hospital readmissions and emergency department visits
  • Providing real-time access to health data
  • Enhancing treatment plans and outcomes
  • Supporting meaningful use requirements
  • Boosting medication adherence
  • Daily access to healthcare providers
  • Having RPM available has allowed finer tuning of medication from day to day. It gives the participant good feedback on day to day their diet and activities.

    Dr. Hilary Canipe
  • Instead of making an adjustment every three of four months, you can make an adjustment every day.

    Dr. Collin Jones
  • It really is a powerful tool. It was not something that I expected to like, but it was great.

  • I have wished often with patients that I had a way to look into a patients’ life, their real life, not just what they’re showing me in the office. This is a window into their home and what is going on day-to-day.

    Dr. Hilary Canipe
  • It’s clear RPM can literally save millions of dollars.

    Dr. Hilary Canipe

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