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The foundation of InScope Innovation began in the wake of 9/11. CEO Mike Bruce launched a company, InScope International, to pursue work with purpose, not mere profit. Global issues that began to take a hold of our hearts and our company pursuits included affordable housing, nuclear nonproliferation, warfighter support, homeland protection, sustainable energy, and chronic health.

What began in 2002 as InScope International, a mission-driven staffing and IT services company, has grown into a family of companies, under the InScope Enterprises umbrella. While successfully growing InScope International from a specialized, regional technology staffing firm to a diversified consulting and integration company, the opportunity to continue the pursuit of the global good for sustainable energy, chronic health, and homeland protection converged in the world of data. Each of these global issues would be immensely improved if they could have access to more data and more understanding of data. Thus, InScope Innovation, the second of three InScope Enterprises companies, was born.

Today, InScope Enterprises consists of three companies, each with a purpose beyond profit:

  • InScope International: Mission-driven staffing and IT services
  • InScope Innovation: Outcomes-driven health and energy solutions
  • InScope Insights: Analytics-driven smart city and community consulting

InScope Innovations seeks to deliver actionable intelligence through our industry solutions, where we can continue the original mission of advancing the global good, but this time through helping decision makers to see more clearly. InScope Innovation seeks to affect change through actionable data – be it a medical professional or individual with chronic disease getting a better understanding of how daily decisions influence their health and wellness, a facility manager recognizing energy inefficiencies within his building portfolio, or a building operator wanting to protect critical infrastructure and assets.

Our People

Mike Bruce

President and CEO
InScope Innovation

Bob Cutting

VP of Operations
InScope Innovation

Collin Hull

Director of Communications
InScope Innovation

William Pugh

VP of Engineering
Building VUE

Eric Oliver

VP Energy Services
Building VUE

Ben Beasley

Senior Design Engineer
Building VUE

Freddy Boateng

Senior Energy Engineer
Building VUE

John Gaffigan

Sales Director
Building VUE

Rob Frakes

Director of Construction
Building VUE

Carla Frakes

Chief Administrator
Building VUE

Rachel Mora

Health VUE

Lynda Griego

Telehealth Care Coordinator
Health VUE

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InScope Innovation builds smart solutions for communities, campuses, and corporations. We target three essential global issues – energy sustainability, affordable healthcare, and cybersecurity – whose rising costs threaten public and private sector budgets alike. Whether a healthcare provider responsible for chronic patients, a facility manager driving down energy costs, or a technology manager protecting critical infrastructure, InScope Innovation gives you the insight needed to serve your key stakeholders.

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